What is stretch wrap film?

A stretch firm or stretch wrap is an extremely stretchable artificial film that is properly wrapped around different items. The elastic mending helps in keeping the stuff strongly bound. In comparison to this, the shrink cover is applied limply around the items and shrinks strongly with heat.

Due to the increasing petroleum costs, the stretch wrap film producers have been convinced to make stronger thinner stretch wrap. A multi-layer technology is used in order to increase the power of the film. Different producers have different names for their corresponding films.

The material used in the making of stretch wrap is known as LLDPE, which is a low density polyethylene. LLDPE is extremely stretchable and suggest great power and confrontation to puncturing. The stretch film also involves number of key features. It includes the relatively high holding and uniform force that stretch layer applies to a load. It is one of the most economical methods of utilizing. The pallet stretch wrap film pallet stretch wrap film can be easily recycled. As it is mentioned above that it is made up of low density polyethylene (LLDPE), which is represented as category four in recycling programs. Recycling stretch wrap is not a tough job to perform.